Donations for Ukraine

Monetary donations

Would you like to donate money to help provide free accommodation for the Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland? For this purpose please send your monetary donation to our special account "Ukraine Hilfe" at Volksbank Bocholt eG. The donated money is used for example for inlets and other urgently needed things.


Account data:

Volksbank Bocholt eG  

IBAN: DE28 4286 0003 0274 7722 04 



We are able to issue a donation receipt (from 1000€). Since GoodTextiles is a Dutch foundation, it may happen that German tax offices may not recognize this. 

We ask for your attention.

Donations in kind

Would you rather like to give a donation in kind to support the Ukrainians? Inlets, pillows, duvet covers/pillowcases are collected. For more information on in-kind donations, please visit