Clean and Green Villages, Telangana India

Project details

Initiating Clean and Green Villages in Tribal Organic Cotton Farming Operational Areas in Telangana


Addressed issue

  • Education and training for communities on establishment and management of clean and green villages 
  • Promotion of health and hygiene in villages
  • Enterprise development for income generation

Project aims

Biodiversity is restored, optimal use of resources through recycling, as well as sustainable water management to promote health and hygiene.


Project duration

3 years


Project budget

By arrangement

The project is particularly suitable for sponsors who want to support a clean environment in organic cotton farming areas and additionally want to support the specific promotion of educational initiatives for organic cotton farmers in the long term. The project is regarded as a pioneering project in the region and will be broadly extended to other nearby villages.


Project location

Remote tribal villages in Adilabad and Asifabad districts


Volksbank Bocholt eG

IBAN DE39 4286 0003 0274 7722 00