At harvest time to the cotton fields in India, a team from German ZDF TV accompanied the textile company Dibella to an Indian village of Chetna farmers for the programme Plan b.  A farmer's request for more cows for his village led to the project:

One cow for every farmer.

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GoodTextiles Foundation contributes to a fairer and more sustainable global textile community.

Our goal is to inspire and grow a community of like minded professionals in the textile industry to create and leverage the positive impact on cotton farmers and textile workers. 


We are creating a fair, equitable and green supply chain that generate value for all involved stakeholder and integrate into local eco-systems.

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   Dr. Norbert Taubken

   GTF Co-Founder

 "Good Textiles Foundation is addressing the gap between textile companies and small scale cotton farmers. The worldwide cotton demand of 25-30 Mio. tons per year is influencing the situation of cotton farmers and impacts humans and environment."

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Pushpanath Krishnamurthy

 GTF Trustee 


"With the production of sustainable cotton, Indian farmer are contributing to healthy sleep all around the world. As GTF we want to ensure that farmer in India also sleep well."



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