One Cow for every Farmer

Project details

Farmers in Aliguda (Utnoor Division, Adilabad, Telangana, India) wish to have more cows to bring their dung as natural fertilizers to the organic cotton fields.

Project budget:

A cow for every farmer

A village with 50 farmers = 50 cows

One cow = 300 EUR

How you can help:

With an amount of 300 EUR you support the purchase of one cow for one farmer. Smaller donations are possible. These are collected and invested in a corresponding number of cows.

One cow for every farmer

A cow for more organic? What's behind it:

Organic farmers gain two and a half times more income than conventional cotton farmers. The higher income enables them to live with a perspective for the future. However, every now and then the shoe pinches here and there. Therefore, we are on site in the villages of the Chetna farmers and have an open ear for their concerns. Shortly before Corona we visit one village in Telangana: The farmers report that they would need more cows to bring their dunk as natural fertilizer to the fields. Organic is as simple as that!

But with 300 EUR per cow the purchase is almost unaffordable for farmers. A few cows for all 50 families in the village community would only cause trouble. So Ralf Hellmann, CEO of textile company  Dibella and founder of GoodTextiles Foundation had the idea to start the fundraising project "One cow for every farmer". This extraordinary project has met with great approval. "We are delighted to see the wave of enthusiasm and the first promises of donations for this fantastic project," says Ranga Rajan project coordinator in India.


Visiting the farming families and their cows in Aliguda, India by end of 2022.

Fifty cows arrived in the small village of Aliguda Village in early June 2022.


Die Goodtextiles Stiftung dankt Michael Kestin für die Erstellung des Videos. Die von uns gelieferten Handyvideos in nicht sehr guter Qualität (diese wurden von Mitarbeitern der Chetna Kooperative gefilmt) hat er zu einem stimmigen Konzept umgesetzt.

Would you also like to enable every farmer to have a cow?  Then we thank you for your donation to the:

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Volksbank Bocholt eG

IBAN DE39 4286 0003 0274 7722 00