Cotton Bags

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Project Cotton Bags

Reduction of contamination level and improve the quality of Organic cotton


Addressed issue

Providing full support to small farmers using environmentally friendly cultivation methods to improve quality of organic cotton.


Project budget
Minimum 1.000 bags x EUR 6 per bag = EUR 6.000

In total: 4 bags per farmer x EUR 6 per bag x 3.600 farmers = EUR 76.800


Project location

India, remote tribal villages in Adilabad


Project benefits

Environment - Farmer - Producer - Consumer


Project status / duration

open - you want to get involved?


Project details

The harvested cotton is protected from impurities such as stones, dust or insects. The farmer gets a higher price for his crop. The high quality of the raw cotton guarantees smooth processing during all stages of production and results in longlife textile products oft he highest quality.

A real added value for all participants in the long textile supply chain.


Our Cotton Bag Project is ongoing and open for participation. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide further details.

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