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School library in Tamil Nadu, India
In India, education is not a matter of course. Schools are usually only spartanly equipped. We have now implemented a school library in the local primary school in Tamil Nadu, India. As a result, the children have unrestricted access to additional literature.
One cow for every farmer
Farmers Telangana, India wish to have more cows to bring their dung as natural fertilizers to the organic cotton fields. A new project was born and met with great approval.

Mobile school
Since March 2020, there has been an uninterrupted school lockdown in India. We are sponsoring a mobile school in which over 1,500 students from ten villages will be taught important subjects and learn how to use digital communication technologies for one year.
Girls school
Ensuring qualified education for girl children of small farmers using environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Providing childrens safe transport facilities, bikes, additional teachers and adequate learning equiments as school desks, benches and books to reduce the dropout rate.

Training Center Adilabad
At training centers, farmers receive instruction in ecological cultivation, how they can generate better crop yields and thus a higher income
Clean and Green Villages
Through community engagement, a waste-free landscape is being created in the organic cotton growing areas. In addition, educational initiatives for farmers in the region are specifically promoted, creating a new awareness in the far-sighted use of resources in the long term

Cotton Bags
Storage of harvested cotton in cotton bags – benefits for farmer and textiles


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