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Infrastructure development for Girls School - equipmpent and education

School Projects
Promotion of Girl Child Education through Infrastructure Development in Schools.


Addressed issue / objectives
Ensuring qualified education for girl children of small farmers using environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Providing childrens safe transport facilities, bikes, additional teachers and adequate learning equiments as school desks, benches and books to reduce the dropout rate. 


Project budget

14.000€ per school


Project location
Four Girls Schools in Utnoor & Sipur Mandal,
Adilabad district of Telangana State


Project benefits


(children of the organic cotton farmers)


Project status / duration

12 months per school

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This is what the premises in the school looked like during our first visit in 2015:

During this school visit, we noticed that students had to sit on the floor during class. This is an untenable condition for us. Therefore, we decided to organize benches and tables for all classrooms. (Ralf Hellmann)

Not only the equipment of the school was important to us. It also depends on the school education. (Marc van Boekholt) From spring 2016, two additional teachers will now be hired to close the deficits in education. (Jan Lamme)

Please see the development of the Mahagoan School project by end of 2022

Tables and benches were purchased, a laboratory was sedt up, sanitary facilities were built. The sponsors assure themselves of the successful implementation of the project. The smile on the students' faces makes all visitors happy.

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SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

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