Our projects are contributed to

improve  the living conditions of small,

ecological working cotton farmers.

Clean and Green Villages, Telangana India

Project details

Initiating Clean and Green Villages in Tribal Organic Cotton Farming Operational Areas in Telangana


Addressed issue

  • Education and training for communities on establishment and management of clean and green villages 
  • Promotion of health and hygiene in villages
  • Enterprise development for income generation

Project aims

Biodiversity is restored, optimal use of resources through recycling, as well as sustainable water management to promote health and hygiene.


Project duration

3 years


Project budget

By arrangement

The project is particularly suitable for sponsors who want to support a clean environment in organic cotton farming areas and additionally want to support the specific promotion of educational initiatives for organic cotton farmers in the long term. The project is regarded as a pioneering project in the region and will be broadly extended to other nearby villages.


Project location

Remote tribal villages in Adilabad and Asifabad districts

Training Center Adilabad

Project Details

Construction of a Training Centre to Promote Organic Farming in the Rain fed Areas of Adilabad District.


Addressed Issue

Providing full support to small farmers using environmentally friendly cultivation methods and ensure their livelihood security


Project duration: 6 months

Project budget: 30.430 €

Project location: remote  tribal village in Adilabad

Infrastructure development for Girls School - equipmpent and education

Project Details

Promotion of Girl Child Education through Infrastructure Development in Schools 


Addressed Issue

Ensuring qualified education for girl children of small farmers using environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Providing childrens safe transport facilities, bikes, additional teachers and adequate learning equiments as school desks, benches and books to reduce the dropout rate. 


Project duration: 12 months per school

Project budget: 14.000€ per school

Project location: Four Girls Schools in Utnoor & Sipur Mandal, Adilabad district of Telangana State

Best Practice - Cotton Bags

Project Details

Reduction of contamination level and improve the quality of Organic cotton in the Rain fed Areas of Adilabad District. 


Addressed Issue

Providing full support to small farmers using environmentally friendly cultivation methods to improve quality of Organic cotton 


Project duration: 6 months per school

Project budget: Minimum 1.000 bags x EUR 6 per bag = EUR 6.000

In total: 4 bags per farmer x EUR 6 per bag x 3.600 farmers = EUR 76.800

Project location: India, remote tribal villages in Adilabad